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From seasoned competitors to weekend pleasure riders and everything in between, Black Ankle Farm has a nice, relaxed atmosphere, where horse and rider can enjoy their time together! Large grass riding field, professionally installed premium footing ring, and bridal paths for leisurely trail rides.

1101 Bloomingdale Rd, Bloomingdale, Georgia 31302

Summer Camp

9am-2pm Mon-Thursday
9am-12pm Friday (show day/parents day)

June 11 – 15
June 18 – 22
June 25 – 29

Camp at Black Ankle Farm is a wonderful introduction to the world of horses. Basic horsemanship, grooming, farm chores and mounted lessons will all be taught in a safe fun filled environment! Riders will be paired with one horse for the week allowing them to bond and learn together. There will be games, crafts, and lots of time to make new friends!

Please bring sunscreen, lunch, and a water bottle. Wear long pants, close toed shoes-preferably a boot with a small heel. Helmets will be provided.

Cost: $350

Horse Riding Lessons

At Black Ankle Farm, we believe that riding and caring for horses teaches life long lessons of responsiblity, discipline, and compassion. It also improves balance, flexibility, and overall physical fitness. Our program provides year round professional riding instruction and is geared for all types of students. We welcome those seeking recreational horse back riding instruction, and we provide the facility and instructors for those with goals of competitive showing and winning State and National championships. We specialize in Hunter/Jumper riding instruction for children ages 6 and up as well as adults. Our large outdoor arena allows for year round riding in a comfortable environment. We provide safe horses and ponies and well maintained tack for all of our lessons. Safety is our first priority, and our program emphasizes the importance of being safe and smart around horses at all times.

Riding lessons will vary in length from 45-60 minutes. This will include grooming and tacking up the horse, mounted instruction, and after care of the horse. BAF’s philosophy is that unmounted lessons are a critical part of horsemanship education.

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown

Director of Lesson Programs

USHJA Certified Trainer >

Director of Lesson Programs

Horse Training:
Morgan’s training methods are based on the knowledge that each horse is a dynamic and complex individual, and that the training process cannot be rushed. A unique and flexible training program should be implemented for each horse. Constantly evaluating a horse in the ring and in the barn, Morgan works with the owner, veterinarian and farrier to create a plan that builds upon a horse’s individual strengths and suitability. New challenges are gradually introduced and reinforced so that a horse will achieve full potential with confidence. These training methods work to produce a horse that is successful in the show ring; however, show success is not the solitary goal. The horse management practices that Morgan uses prioritize soundness and health with the goal that each horse will be healthy and rideable for many years into the future.

Riding Instruction:
Morgan’s methods of riding instruction are based on the equitation and horsemanship principles set forth by former successful riders and horsemen such as George Morris. Morgan emphasizes simple yet effective techniques for properly communicating with the horse and building confidence in the rider. Morgan’s goal is for each student to become a knowledgeable, confident, and independent rider. Through regular lessons, flat-work and showing, Morgan works with each rider individually to help them achieve their goals.

Lesson Programs

Lesson programs to fit your riding needs

Recreational Riding Program

10 lessons to be used within a 12 week time frame. This program is tailored to all types of students, but students are encouraged to complete at least 1 riding lesson per week. Private and group lessons available on our seasoned horses and ponies or your own mount.

High Performance Program

12 lessons to be used within a 1 month time frame. This elite program is tailored to the athlete with the goal of showing and winning at State and National Championships and obtaining College Scholarships. This consists of 3 riding lessons per week: 1 on flatwork, 1 on gymnastic exercises, and 1 working with courses of jumps. Students must be approved for this program. Private and group lessons available on our seasoned horses and ponies or on your own mount.

Competitive Riding Program

10 lessons to be used within a 6 week time frame. This program is tailored towards students with goals of competitive showing. Students must be willing to commit to the intensity required to perform in a competitive athletic environment. Private and group lessons available on our seasoned horses and ponies or on your own mount.

Introductory/Trial Lessons

Lessons for those wanting to try riding lessons, on one of our seasoned horses and ponies, before making a commitment to a lesson program. Up to 3 introductory lessons are offered before making a commitment to a lesson program.

Lesson Programs

Horse boarding programs to fit your horse’s needs

Basic Board Package

Feed, Coastal hay, water, turnout, stall clean, and blanketing.

Full Care Board Package

Feed, Orchard Grass/Alfalfa hay, water, turnout, stall clean, and blanketing. Horses feet will be picked going to turnout and coming in from turnout. Horses groomed 3 times per week and can be arranged according to your riding schedule.

A la carte/Miscellaneous Services

Black Ankle Farm offers numerous miscellaneous services including, but not limited to, bathing, tacking up, cooling out, clipping, mane pulle, etc. Please email ansleygjohnson@gmail.com for a detailed rate sheet including boarding and miscellaneous services.

Black Ankle Farm

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